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Training, Testing and Validation

VP Link Training

In order to maximize the return on investment for VP Link, we recommend a short training for a successful VP Link implementation. The typical length is 2-3 days and is targeted at Control Engineers or Training supervisors.

Factory Acceptance Test

A streamlined VP Link testing interface can be created in order to speed up the testing process.

VP Link easily integrates I/O from various platforms in a unique VP Database, giving access to process variables to the engineers throughout the staging floor, using a common graphic interface.

A simple loop model can be developed in hours so that process feedback will be automated during the FAT.

Furthermore, Process Snapshot / Restore functionalities facilitate the interlock schedule approval and other repetitive validation tasks.

Control Application Automated Validation

In today's stricter regulations and procedures, compliancy with established standards is critical. Cape Software has the human potential along with the technological resources to make this goal a reality.

Engineering Services

Our team of engineers has extensive experience developing customized VP Link models for various purposes and industries. Our expertise covers the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation and Food and Beverage (F&B) processes.

Image VIP Network Staging

Image: Tag Sheet Image: Interlock Testing Image: Process Overview Image: OTS
Tag Sheet Interlock Testing Process Overview OTS


Turnkey Model

These models are used primarily for operator training, and must be realistic enough in order to train operators on normal operating conditions as well as on process upsets emergency responses.

At Cape Software, we believe Training systems should be easy to maintain and use. Which is why we use the exact control programs running in the field, while the operator is in front of a real console and plant graphics.

That sums up our solution as the most realistic approach to Operator training to date.

The dynamic behavior of the turnkey model is based on the use of the VP Link library of algorithms along with some high-fidelity generic process units readily available.

Highly Flexible graphic environment helps in developing practical trainer screens. At a push of a button, preconfigured failures scenarios will start and operator response automatically logged for post-run analysis and performance review.

We have delivered plant wide training solutions in various industries, for the most demanding process. A Training solution for a LOT less than a traditional approach to process modeling , owing to our cost-effective hybrid approach to modeling.

Contact us for a list of available process units including Cracking units, Reforming, Ethylene or Brewing units.

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