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What is the VP LinkŪ Loop?

VP LinkŪ provides process dynamics in real time to an off-line control system. While executing "the loop", your controllers are performing their application specific sequencing, interlock logic, PID and regulatory functions as well as any advanced control strategies configured for your plant. Typically, VP LinkŪ connects to the actual control system prior to going on-line. This could be in the staging area or during on-site acceptance testing.

Certain control system vendors offer an emulator - a software environment which executes the control logic in a other than native environment - this eliminates the need for control hardware. Cape Software strives to support both solutions: direct connect to the hardware as well as an emulator whenever possible. Each interface is control system specific. For more information on connectivity and utilities for your system of interest, refer to the menu on the left side, to select the control system of interest.

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