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VP Link

Cape Software Inc. develops and markets VP LinkŪ - a dynamic process simulator designed to connect to your control system and bypass hard I/O.

VP LinkŪ can be used at any time during the entire control configuration life cycle, for Logic Validation or Operator Training.

In 2000 and 2002, Cape Software's VP LinkŪ was voted a reader's favorite in Process Simulation Package and Number 1 for services in 2000, according to the Control Magazine reader's survey.


VP Link cycle interactive schematic
VP Link Brochure

Image: VP Link Sample Network


  • Non-Invasive, as simulating with VP Link does not modify the control system program.
  • VP LinkŪ can be used early in the logic development phase, as a offline debugging environment
  • Ease of Use make VP LinkŪ an immediately applicable check out tool
  • Cost Effective Solution, as level of rigor is adapted to the model use.
  • Extensive modeling library enables simulation for complex process units VP Link can be used as an offline operator training node, in order to build higher staff confidence.

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