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X-Platform TrendCorder

The TrendCorder® is a sub-second, cross platform data acquisition and trending application, primarily focused on the ESD/ SIS platforms.

It connects to live controllers without interacting with the control logic execution. Data acquisition is either continuous or discrete, triggered by some predetermined set of conditions.

The application can trend real time data, as well as previously recorded data files, for review and post-analysis of process control responses during process upsets.

Data are stored in XML format, in order to facilitate the TrendCorder integration with data-mining and other historian applications.


TrendCorder® Brochure

Image: TrendCorder Screen Capture

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  • High-Speed Sampling Rate ( 100 ms typical )

  • Real Time Data : No Averaging or compression

  • XML data export for exportability

  • Cross platform : easy to implement on your control network.

  • Embedded Trending capabilities for real time monitoring or post-analysis replay

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