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Test Compiler

The Test CompilerŽ is the Ultimate Control Logic Validation Tool.

Increasingly stringent standards for software validation in Safety Systems emphasize the need for a modern approach to testing and validation. In order to satisfy both test quality and cost, an integrated approach to logic certification must be implemented throughout the program development life cycle. Furthermore, initial testing efforts should give consideration to a streamlined process of periodical re-certification.

The Test Compiler Suite uses an intuitive ExcelŽ front end and enables automated testing of the entire control configuration, based on a Cause and Effect matrix or similar. The program will connect to your offline SIS/ESD, or any combination of control platforms.

Based on each tests, the Test Compiler will
- write a prescribed set of inputs to the controller
- read the respective set of outputs
- compare it to the "expected state table", documenting any discrepancies in a HTML log file and documenting each test in an practical, exploitable HTML format.


TC for FSC
TC for Triconex

Image: Steps to Automated Logic Validation using VP Link


  • Non-invasive: No modifications to the tested logic

  • Reduced Staging Time

  • Increased Staging Flexibility; Perform check-out on / or site

  • Zero defect control application with exhaustive documentation

  • Complies with IEC 61508,IEC 61511 and TuV Control Software Validation procedures.

  • Test plan driven

  • Repeatable, consistent way of exhaustively testing field control logic on a periodic basis

  • Off-line engineering testing bed, for logic change validation management

  • Unattended

  • Scalable, as multiple tests can be run concurrently.

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