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Operator Training Simulator

Cape Software Inc can deliver highly customized, process specific operator training solution leveraging the VP Link simulation environment.

The trainees work with a copy of the plant graphics, in front of an off-line operator console while the instructor monitors and initiate malfunction scenarios.

A fully functional process model for training can be delivered prior to start-up, to maximize its usage and boost operator confidence level for any upcoming start-up. (See a dynamic schematic of a typical VP Link implementation on a off-line system)

You may also want to use the VP LinkŪ Training node for an ongoing refresher training with a spare off-line test bed executing all or part of the plant control software.

The Client / Server architecture allows for two distinct training set-up:

  • concurrent training: trainees work on their respective units, dynamically interacting with other trainees' process units in real time
  • parallel training: all the trainees run the same unit in parallel, with no interactions
Parallel Training    Integrated Training
Image: Parallel Training   Image: Integrated Training

Key Benefits

  • Increased operator efficiency, specifically emergency response training.
  • Start-up training and shut-down scenarios.
  • Automated scoring scheme allows for unattended, fully documented training sessions
  • Granular security scheme allowing for remote training administration
  • Compatible with OSHA 1910.119 recommendation.


Simulation can rigorously simulate the process, based on the operator training board scope. Cape Software can provide the modeling capabilities thanks to a team of highly competent chemical engineers with various fields of expertise.

Special operations (start-up and shut-down) can be studied and practiced off-line, at different upset conditions requested by the trainer.

Various levels of difficulty are easily managed from the Course Management System.

Operator Responses to process upsets can be logged and a grade can be assigned based on post-run log analysis.

The scoring scheme is customized to the dynamics of your process and real world operations procedures.

If you want more information on operator training and modeling capabilities of VP LinkŪ, please contact us.

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