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Control Configuration Testing

This may be done either prior start-up , during staging or a scheduled shutdown: VP Link is non-invasive (does not modify the control application), easy to install and use (typically less than an hour for a Factory Acceptance Test setup) and allows for a true collaborative testing framework owing to its robust Client/Server architecture.

After start-up, VP LinkŪ may be used for Management of Change requirements, using a spare controller and operator workstation as a development node.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Staging Time
  • Increased Staging Flexibility; Perform check-out on / or site
  • Zero defect control application with documentation
  • Automated testing and related documentation using the Test Compiler


Tag oriented utilities automate tie backs to create your VP LinkŪ simulation within minutes. A highly customizable, drag and drop graphic interface is easily created by each engineer for his testing needs.

Relevant tags, indicators and test scenarios are gathered on pages that can be organized by interlock number, loop number or tag naming templates. Flexible tools allow the VP LinkŪ database to be easily rebuilt at each new version of the control database. If you want more information on this application, please contact us.

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