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Applications, Training & Supported Platforms


VP Link® Loop
VP Link® provides process dynamics in real time to an off-line control system.

Logic Checkout
This may be done either prior start-up , during staging or a scheduled shutdown: VP Link is non-invasive (does not modify the control application), easy to install and use ( typically less than an hour for a Factory Acceptance Test setup) and allows for a true collaborative testing framework owing to its robust Client/Server architecture.


Operator Training
Cape Software Inc can deliver highly customized, process specific operator training solution leveraging the VP Link simulation environment.

Supported Platforms

VP Link® works on PC platforms running legacy Windows NT/ 2000/2003 / XP/Vista as well as the more recent Windows 7 to 10 and even Linux.


VP Link®
Our Flagship product is a proven solution for testing and operator training needs. Our simulation environment connects to your offline control system(s) and provides it with real-time Virtual Process® feedbacks. An integrated OPC server makes the VP Link simulation integration with your corporate applications virtually seamless.

Test Compiler®
The ultimate logic validation tool that provides the engineering team with pragmatic system check-out functionalities, such as unattended, repeatable tests that will generate a validating documentation as the tests execute.

XP TrendCorder ®
A cross control platform high-resolution data monitoring application, logging events into XML format, for better accessibility and applications integration.

Third-Party Control Configuration Validation

Why use Cape Software Validation services?

  • Multi-platform: we deliver an integrated testing approach for any control schemes, connecting simultaneously to control network components in the project, for a full-scale,integrated logic interaction validation.

  • Unbiased: tests are based exclusively on Cause & Effects matrices, or similar test plan.

  • Exhaustive: Interlock schedules, batch and emergency sequences can be tested concurrently.

  • Repeatable: Highest tests quality due to Cape Software's programmatical approach.

  • Management of Change: After successful logic validation, the tests are delivered to the customer, so they can easily be executed periodically.

  • Shorter, More Conclusive Customer Acceptance Test.

  • IEC61508,IEC61511,S84,TuV Control Software Validation procedures.

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