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Cape Software is now part of the Wood Group. With global resources operating in over 50 countries, Cape Software is available to help with your all testing and training needs.

Cape Software offers physical I/O solution for safety system customers. The VPIO modules work like remote I/O for VP Link and have customized features for testing your control system. Integration floors can benefit by automating hardware checkouts.

Want VP Link on Linux?  How about the Mac?  Android anyone?  Give us a call to voice your opinion.

The VP Link HMI is powered by Revolution. Revolution is an excellent product that will help Cape move VP Link to the next level.

Upcoming Events

July 2016 - Rockwell Automation on the Move (RAOTM), Calgary Canada

Aug/Sept 2016 - Rockwell Automation on the Move (RAOTM), Bakersfield, CA

November 2016 – Rockwell Automation Fair, Altanta, GA

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Do not copy whole pages when moving graphics from one Toolbook to another.

If you need to move graphics from one Toolbook book to another, you can get both Toolbook files open at the same time by choosing File/Run in the first Toolbook. Then change the extension from .EXE to .TBK (there is a little tiny scroll bar next to the file type—scroll UP), and open your other Toolbook file. Be careful here, you do not want to save your tags after you do this as your tags might be a mixture of the two .tag files. Go to Author mode in both books, and create a new graphic page in the destination book. Go back to the source book, and select all the items on the page, and then do Edit/Copy. You can “Select All” from the Edit menu as well. Once you have all the items selected and copied go to the blank page you already made in the destination book and paste them. DO NOT SELECT THE PAGE, do copy, and then paste the page into the destination book! This will look like it worked, but it will create a new background in the destination book which confuse your page navigation drop-down box and background scripts to no end! The new background will have the same name as the old background but a different ID number.

The other way to do this is to save your source book with a new name, and remove all the graphics except the ones you wish to copy. Get rid of the start page, the Misc Utilities page, the interlock builder page—all the pages that already exist in or you do not want in your destination book. Then use the Upgrade a Book button in your VPSupprt.TBK book. You do this by closing all your tookbook windows, then open the VPSupprt.TBK book in the VPLink3 \TB40 folder. Click the Upgrade a book button. You will be asked for the book to upgrade (pick this new book that has the graphics you wish to copy) and a VP Blank book. At this point, choose your destination book. Normally when a book is upgraded, its graphics are copied into the new VPBlank.TBK book. But in this case we want to copy the graphics into your existing destination book. The upgrade procedure will do the right thing by selecting all the objects on each graphic page, and then pasting the objects into the destination book a page at a time. Just like before, when this process is finished, save your .TBK file, but DO NOT SAVE your .TAG file. Just get out of Toolbook, stop the VPExec, and restart your toolbook from the VP3 Control Panel and make sure you have the right tags loaded.

Archived News Letters

The paper newsletter has seen the end of its days now that the 21st century is hers, but you can still check out how Cape Software has been leading the industry as far back as 16 years ago!

Fall 2003
VP Link 3.0 Specifications, Operator Training & Features

Fall 2002
Safety Systems, Case Study: TRICONEX and Honeywell interfaces, & Test Compiler

Summer 2002
Yokogawa CS 1000/CS3000 systems support, Case study: FMC Delta V example from Emerson Process User Group, & External commands via DLL

Winter 2002
Siemens S5/S7 systems support, Case study: Kerr-Mac Gee Training, & System Operator Training w/ Low Cost Generic models

Summer 2001
VP Link® and Six Sigma goals & Honeywell FSC Feature

Fall 2000
Triconex Simulation Solution, ESD Simulation Solution, & Honeywell FSC I/A users Conference

Spring 2000
Rockwell ProcessLogix, & Honeywell Plantscape Methodology for Interlock Testing

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